Judy has posted on the board in the Green Room and spoken with each of you about your hair and shoes.  Please email her with any questions at:

Stage make-up is an integral part of theatre productions.  In general, all make-up is 

individually supplied and each actor is responsible for obtaining and applying their own make-up.  Due to safety and sanitation concerns, make-up is not to be shared.  


Table/mirror space will be limited. We ask that all cast members come to the theatre with their hair & make-up done. Parents of younger children:  if your child is unable to apply their own make-up (which is usually the case), please apply the make-up at home and send them to the theatre with their make-up on. 

If help is needed, please email us at  We have volunteers that will be available backstage to assist with hair and makeup.  Please note that only cast and crew are allowed backstage.  Thank you!


Items actors need to be ready to supply:

IMPORTANT: All makeup must be waterproof so as to not ruin the costumes!

FOUNDATION/BASE: For many actors this is a shade darker than normal skin color to help from being washed out under the stage lights. 

All Cast - Please apply to entire face and blend into jawline (not neck). A translucent powder should be used to set. 

EYE LINER:  Usually black or dark brown. 

Women- Apply at the lash line to upper and lower lid.

Men/boys -  - apply under the eye only

MASCARA: Black Waterproof 

Women:  Apply to lashes

BLUSH: Apply to cheek bones.

All Cast- please use one appropriate for skin color (natural colors)

EYE SHADOW: Women: Apply natural colors to top of lid. No Shimmer

BROW LINER: Usually brown or dark brown.

All Cast - as needed (for those with light brows)

LIP COLOR:  Shade dependent on character. 

Women: Classic 40's red except for mission band (neutral color for mission band)


Over the counter make up is also a great especially for those new to acting and can often be more affordable.  Any waterproof mascara typically works and Maybelline Unstoppable Eye Liner works well for many first time eyeliner users and is easy to apply.   

Limited supplies of cleansing wipes, sponges are q-tips are usually available but in general these supplies are responsibility of the actors.  If at any time the cost of purchasing your makeup supplies is an issue, please let one of the production staff know as soon as possible so that we can help you acquire what you may need.  


ALL -No jewelry or nail polish unless it has been cleared with Judy. Completely cover any visible tattoos.  Be sure you have your makeup bag or box labeled with your name and have any supplies you may need (foundation sponges, Q-Tips, baby wipes, deodorant, toothbrush, etc.)  If you play many parts and your individual role was not listed here that means that either you do not need to do anything special for your role and you will either be wigged, wear a headpiece/hat or a volunteer will assist you!  If you have ANY questions please contact us as soon as possible!