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Character Breakdown

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Aslan – the great lion of Narnia.

(Age Range 30+)

The White Witch – an evil queen.

(Age Range 20-40)

Lucy Pevensie – the youngest of the children. (Playable age 9)

Edmund Pevensie – Lucy’s older brother.

(Playable age 10-12)

Susan Pevensie – Lucy’s older sister.

(Playable age 13-16)

Peter Pevensie – the oldest of the children. (Playable age 14-18)

Mr. and Mrs. Beaver – forest creatures of Narnia. (Age Range 25-65)

Tumnus – A faun.

(Playable age 18-40) 

Unicorn – a forest creature.

(Age range 16+)

Centaur – a forest creature.

(Age range 16+)

Fenrus Ulf – a wolf, the head of the Witch’s secret service. (Age Range 18+)

Dwarf – a servant to the Witch.

(Age Range 18+)

Father Christmas – a bringer of gifts.

(Age Range 40+)

Elf – Father Christmas’ helper.

(Age Range 16+)

White Stag – an elusive omen of good fortune.

(Age Range 16+)

Aslans’ Followers, The Witch’s Army,

Wood Nymphs

(Ages 12+)

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