Dear A Christmas Story Auditioner:

Thank you for taking the time to audition for A Christmas Story. All of us on the audition committee are grateful for the time you invested in being with us to make a memorable audition presentation.

Be assured that your efforts and patience are most appreciated.  Know that your audition was carefully considered.  Due to the nature of the production and live theatre, not all that auditioned can be cast.

Please know that many factors go into the final selection – and such factors have absolutely no bearing on your intrinsic worth as a person or your basic talent as a performer.  In fact, some factors that go into casting are simply beyond your (and our) control, regardless of the caliber of the audition: such factors as character types required by the script, and mundane matters such as age ranges needed, stage space, heights of certain performers, the mix of individuals needed, etc.  

It has been an honor to have you participate in our audition process.  We hope you will consider auditioning again in the future.  Our next audition for Tom Sawyer – The Broadway Musical will be held on November 30.

If you have been cast in the production please send an email to manestage@manestagetheatre.com to verify that you have viewed the cast list and will be attending the cast/parent orientation.   Orientation will be held on Thursday, October 15 from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. at the Sumner Performing Arts Center.  Unless previous arrangements have been made, cast members must attend orientation and all rehearsals or their role will be re-cast.   

If you are unable to be a part of A Christmas Story please contact us immediately at manestage@manestagetheatre.com or (253) 447 – 7645.  Click here for the cast list for A Christmas Story. We look forward to seeing you again soon!


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